TRICKY THURSDAY For the treatment of congestive heart failure, think UNLOAD FAST: U sit Upright N Nitro L Lasix O Oxygen A Aminophylline D Digoxin F Fluids- decrease A Afterload - decrease S Sodium - decrease T Tests: dig level, ABG, K+

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**Reblog** Cardiac-Heart Failure notes. For those studying cardiac. bloopz: Here is an upload of my personal notes of signs and symptoms of Heart Failure (left and right-sided).

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Heart failure is a chronic disease needing lifelong management. However, with treatment, signs and symptoms of heart failure can improve and the heart sometimes becomes stronger. Treatment can help you live longer and reduce your chance of dying suddenly. Doctors sometimes can correct heart failure by treating the underlying cause. Click here to find out more information on medication and treatment methods.

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Top 10 Signs of Heart Failure: Heart failure is often diagnosed later than it could be. Learn the top ten symptoms of heart failure and call the doctor if you spot two or more.

Signs of heart disease #heart #disease #cardiology ========================== Warning to all scrapers, do not change source of infographic and do not try to modify infographic, we are going to put your pin down and take further legal actions.

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