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(Deflection and confusion skills when caught in manipulative deceptions. Pre-emptive character assasination comes in handy here.) Symptoms of narcissism. Malignant narcissist.


Professional help is invaluable. An expert who understands narcissism and mind control can save you years of effort as well as helping you a...

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The Signs and Symptoms of Narcissism

Auckland Grammar asks for the biggest 'donation' from parents but other schools are also charging families hundreds of dollars a year to bridge the gap left by insufficient government funding in a country where education is still theoretically free.

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Symptoms of Narcissism

Narcissism (technically known as Narcissistic Personality Disorder) can disrupt one's life (or those around them). Here is a list of symptoms to help detect this disorder (One of several articles).

Voters beware. Pre-marrieds beware. If a narcissist is in your life, be savvy.

What Is the Most Overlooked Symptom of Narcissism? Voters beware. Pre-marrieds beware. If a narcissist is in your life, be savvy

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Fame And Self-Love

We have written about the desire for fame as a symptom of narcissism, and this is certainly true for many people, but there is another reason why many wish to become famous that’s much less nefarious, a reason that’s actually quite tragic and evokes empathy rather than spite. This reason is the unconscious, secret hope …


9 Symptoms of Narcissism - I know someone who is the epitome of this list, especially #s 8 & 9. Such a sad existence. RM