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Lung cancer symptoms that you need to know even if youre not a smoker! Lung cancer is the second most diagnosed form of cancer in both men and women. About fourteen percent of all new cancers are lung cancers. In the United States in 2016 alone there has been about 224390 new cases of lung cancer and about 158080 deaths due to lung cancer. Each year more people die from lung cancer than colon breast and prostate cancers combined making lung cancer the leading cause of cancer death for…

George Michael dreamed of being a father and planned to adopt in 2017 with partner Fadi Fawaz before his tragic death

What Are the Symptoms of Pneumonia? You mainly get the disease from inhaling dirty air that contains the bacteria or virus that brings Pneumonia. When you incur the disease, you will begin to experience more cough attacks over the days.

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Add 3 Drops of Oregano Oil to Water and See What Happens to Your Lungs!

Nowadays, the estimated number of people suffering from pneumonia is more than 3 million annually. It is actually an inflammation of the tissue in the lungs or only one of them and is often caused by an infection due to bacteria, fungi, or viruses.

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nursingnerds: Pneumonia: an accumulation of fluids secondary to the inflammation of tissue, which interferes with gas exchange. Signs and Symptoms: fever, cough, chest pain, chest tightness, chills (upon auscultation of the chest, you will hear crackled breath sounds or diminished breath sounds at the bases). Diagnostics: chest x-ray, sputum culture, WBC, ABGs. Drug Therapy: antibiotics, analgesics, steroids, antipyretics. Nursing Care: teaching about medication and O2 therapy is needed…

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How to Return to Exercise After Pneumonia

The lungs are complex organs primarily made up of tiny sacs, or alveoli. Pneumonia is an infection of these sacs. Infection weakens the structures of the respiratory system. Coming back to health after you have had pneumonia may take time. Exercise increases your respiration and will be difficult until the lungs heal. Starting slowly and including...

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Pneumonia symptoms in a senior citizen: When mom was in the hospital, I had NO idea she had pneumonia. Symptoms in the elderly can be well hidden. I document here the symptoms of pneumonia in the elderly to, hopefully, help other caregivers detect early symptoms and seek treatment quickly.

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10 Common Symptoms of Pneumonia