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EPION: Early Psychosis Intervention, printable infographic infosheet (English) on the Anatomy of a First Episode of Psychosis. Signs and symptoms to look out for.


Also known as neuroleptics , are used to treat the symptoms of psychosis, such as the delusions and the hallucinations seen in schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, and the manic phase of bipolar...


Max, I thought this post would be a perfect post for you to understand what psychosis is. It can be difficult dealing with the diagnosis, but the website will contribute to your understanding and give you techniques on how to handle areas you may struggle in.


Both of these illnesses are serious and require ongoing psychiatric treatment. Out of control, either than severely disrupt a person's life and relationships. Perhaps Schizoaffective Disorder may be a little more complicated, because the person still has psychotic symptoms even when no active mood problem is expressing itself. So, the medications needed may be more.