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Can Patty Duke's Death Help Prevent Other Sepsis Deaths?

The CDC has this mnemonic for suspecting sepsis, if a person complains of the following symptoms:


Sepsis Symptoms - Look for the Symptoms of Sepsis

Shock -- This truly CAN HAPPEN to those of us with #ChronicPain if our pain is severe uncontrolled. If you start having these symptoms. notify your family, primary care doctor, pain specialist... EVERYONE who is involved with your pain -- RIGHT AWAY!! And remember, God is there for you so call out and hold on to hope even when its chance seems small.

from Serenity You

Meningitis - Would You Know If Your Child Had It

Know the signs of Meningitis from Serenity You. Very important read for parents!

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Could It Be Sepsis? C.D.C. Wants More People to Ask

Be aware: Could It Be Sepsis? C.D.C. Wants More People to Ask - the C.D.C. is starting a major public awareness campaign to make sepsis a household word. The first step is to teach people to seek treatment quickly when a loved one begins to show symptoms of sepsis, which include chills or fever; extreme pain or discomfort; clammy or sweaty skin; confusion or disorientation; shortness of breath; and a high heart rate.


Elderly Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs): Signs, Symptoms and Treatments

Elderly people with serious urinary tract infection don't exhibit the hallmark sign of fever. UTIs in the elderly are often mistaken as the early stages of dementia or Alzheimer's, according to NIH, because symptoms include: Confusion, or delirium-like state Agitation Hallucinations Other behavioral changes Poor motor skills or dizziness Falling