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A sprain is a common joint injury caused by a ligament being stretched beyond its capacity. Symptoms of such injuries include swelling, bruising, pain and reduced mobility in the effected area. Sprains can be caused by anything from taking a misplaced step to playing a sport and transferring weight incorrectly.Although some sprains may require medical attention, the vast majority simply require time and some basic treatment at home to heal them completely. The following guide details…


"Love this stuff! Sprained my ankle again tried this instead of a brace-perfect! This is day 2 & it feels better." -Dawn Pohlen ‏


During a traumatic injury like a serious ankle sprain, the nervous system usually protects the area by shutting off various muscle groups. Proper muscle re-activation will be needed in order for full recovery to occur. It’s important to remember that the area is not yet recovered just because it’s pain-free. Full recovery means that all of the muscles are re-activated and full function is restored.


Exercises to Cure Chronic Ankle Sprain 1. Resisted Ankle Inversion 2. Resisted Ankle Eversion 3. Towel Stretch 4. Heel Raise 5. Step-up 6. Standing calf stretch 7. Balance and Reach Exercise A 8. Balance and Reach Exercise B 9. Ankle active range of Motion #anklesprain #stretchesforanklesprain #jointpain