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And I hear absolutely nothing about it in the news (making it difficult for me to understand the full story, which frustrates me)

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Among the roughly 250,000 people stuck in the insurgent redoubt in northern Syria are 100,000 children, the most vulnerable victims of intensified bombings.

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More than talk about Aleppo. Do something. Write letters to congress-people asking them to take action. Donate clothes and food to organizations that help out. Educate your friends and family. Donate food and supplies to Doctors Without Boarders. Ask your school to hold an assembly. Rally for donations at your school or church or community center. Take action.

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'Who will treat the children if we're killed?' east Aleppo’s last three paediatricians ask after hospital bombings

Injured boys react at a field hospital after airstrikes on the rebel held areas of Aleppo, Syria November 18, 2016.

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Aleppo, Syria, War... - Ardan News

Shocking video: Children of Aleppo, Syria: the baby born in a barrel bomb attack!

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