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Syria Today

Thinking of Syria again today; with all that's happened in Brussels today, you have to hope that soon the world will turn their eyes to the Middle East and give the same sympathy and concern for those men, women, and children that fear for their lives every day. #mybrand #LeoInterns


Syria Today Is A Preview Of Memorial Day, 2030 - "... rich countries will be far less likely to be offering much assistance to the poorer ones, since there will be ever worsening catastrophes everywhere simultaneously so we’ll be suffering at the same time."


Canadian Anthem History النشيد الوطني الكندي Syria Today Toronto Canada

political art! Love this piece. The first one, pedophiles in the catholic church, child prostitution in Thailand, child army recruitment in Syria, child organ trafficking, free guns in USA and child obesity.


الماكولات السورية الشهية شاورما بوظة كبة حلاوة كنافة حراء اصبعو الكنفة النابلسية سلطة الفواكه Syrian arabic food Syria Today Toronto Canada


صور الجبال و الساحل في كسب و صلنفة سوريا اليوم Syria Today Toronto Canada