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Syrian Armed Forces dominate the jihadist supply line to Aleppo -

Russian Air Force Propels the Syrian Armed Forces at Quraytayn in East Homs: Two Villages Captured

Syrian armed forces have entered Palmyra after fierce clashes with ISIS terrorists who have been controlling the ancient city since las...

Sniper Rifles Used by Syrian Armed Forces | iHLS Israel Homeland Security

Week Six of the Russian Intervention in Syria: a first major success for the Syrian armed forces

Syrian Armed Forces Inflict Heavy Casualties on ISIL in Deir Ezzur ...APR16

The Syrian Armed Forces, alongside Hezbollah, made another major push to capture the Aleppo Technical College after several attempts to overrun Jaysh Al-Fateh’s (Army of Conquest) at the northwestern corridor of this military installation.aug16

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27.07.2016 The Syrian Armed Forces have received Russian attack aircraft SU-24M2 that are going to be used for strengthening of combat capacities of the Syrian Air Force. The Syrian Armed Forces have received Russian strike aircraft SU-24M2, the Voyennyy Informator information website reported on Tuesday. New aircraft are going to be used for strengthening of…

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120,000 People Starving in Syrian City Besieged by ISIS

At least 120,000 people in the Syrian city of Deir al-Zor are starving while ISIS continues to besiege the city. Christian Today reports that, since 2011, ISIS has been in conflict with the Syrian Armed Forces and the Free Syrian Army in the city. The Islamic State has gained control of most of the region......

from the real Syrian Free Press

Daesh oil tanks destroyed in Sweida, scores of terrorists, including leaders, killed in other provinces

Units of the Syrian army and the Syrian armed forces on Sunday continued to…