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Syrian prime minister

There's one type of home you don't really expect to find crumbling in an abandoned and decaying state– such as the ones that belonged to heads of state o

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Iran’s first vice president, Syrian prime minister take part in joint press conference in Tehran

Syrian Rebels elect American citizen to be their prime minister.

A Syrian refugee interviewed by an Arabic television channel admits that his main goal is not to escape war or ISIS persecution, but to "Islamize" Europe by converting its "curious" citizens to Islam.

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TARGET ISRAEL: Iran Says “Thanks For The Gold Obama!” As Nuclear And Military Program Reaches New Milestone. Reuters has reported that Iran is doing what they can to focus on more military spending, including funding for ballistic missiles. Not only is that dangerous to read and type, but it is also shocking. Ballistic missiles are supposed to be banned by the nuclear deal. So that marks the THIRD time they have violated this deal. They are planning for increased funding for long-range…

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Syrian prime minister escapes assassination attempt that killed his bodyguard and seriously injured driver

State-run TV said Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi was unhurt in the attack in the western neighbourhood of Mazzeh but there were a number of casualties.

UK: Students in Islamic school can’t name the Prime Minister

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Justin Trudeau Welcomes Syrian Refugees To Canada With Open Arms

“You are home,” Mr. Trudeau said to 163 refugees after they landed in Toronto, the first of the country has promised to take in.

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Justin Trudeau: All eyes on Canada. This guy's trying to transform government with a diverse Cabinet, and led one of the first western nations to enthusiastically welcome Syrian refugees as permanent residents. Before politics he worked as a teacher and advocated for the environment. "So much of politics is fleeting and ephemeral. But the connections you make with the people who invest their hope and trust in you, that's what gets you through all of the rest. That's what makes it worth…

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Syrian prime minister survives Damascus bombing, six die

Syrian prime minister survives Damascus bombing, six die.(April 29th 2013)