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Solving Systems of Equations using Any Method Superhero Card Match

This is a resource for reviewing Solving Systems of Equations using all 3 methods: Graphing, Elimination and Substitution. 7 problems are set up for the Graphing Method; 6 problems are set up for the Elimination Method; 3 problems are set up for the Substitution Method.

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Systems of Equations Flip Book

This flip book reviews systems of equations, including: types of solutions (one solution, no solution, and infinite solution), methods for solving (graphing,

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Solving Systems of Equations using the Elimination Method Coloring Activity

Students will practice the ELIMINATION METHOD for SOLVING SYSTEMS of EQUATIONS in this coloring activity resource. There are 14 problems which become progressively more challenging with some requiring no multiplication, multiplication to one or multiplication to both equations in the system in order to solve.

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Linear Equations and System of Equations Cost of College Project

Real-world applications of linear equations and systems of equations when students examine the cost of college. A valuable project for Algebra 2 students.


Solving Systems of Linear Inequalities So, you are going to bake muffins. You are feeling ambitious, so you decide to bake two different types. You need to buy chocolate and sugar. You have a budget. How much of each do you buy?


Savvy Advocate Mom and More: Sensory Strategies: Hidden Senses - This is why we have to develop other muscles. Learning depends on being able to control your body and being able to understand where you are in space and time. Changing from a passive inhabitant of his/her body to an active "driver" makes a stunning amount of difference in how a student approaches academic learning.