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Yes, it's true! I'm taking on another ridiculous exercise program. With my wedding and summer vacation in South Africa coming up soon, .

PiYo will get you ultra lean and seriously defined, but for those days when you’re short on time, you can switch up  your schedule with FOCUS T25 workouts for one intense, pulse-pounding, body-sculpting regimen! Just follow the calendar from teambeachbody to get your best body ever! Want more on T25? Check out

T25 Workout Review, Results and Printable Schedules

How to Combine Focus T25 and Running to Train for a 5K Race

How to Combine Focus T25 and Running - Program Included

If you want to combine Focus and running, I have the program for you. this ten week hybrid schdeule will get you in shape to run a race and win it.

High Intensity Interval Training: Get 2 workouts (cardio & weight training) at the same time. Stop the "spot training" (seriously, you're going to do side twists/bends and think that's going to get rid of bra fat? NOPE). Get a full body workout with full body weight loss and strengthening.

Shaun T's 25-Minute Fat Blasting Belly Routine

My man Shaun T! High Intensity Interval Training: Get 2 workouts (cardio & weight training) at the same time

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10 week workout plan 10 minute workout at home workouts Full-Body Crossfit Workout 10 exercises to tone your butt.

Download all three phases of the Focus T25 workout schedule in PDF format HERE!

My new workout routine.already in wk 2 of Alpha - Focus workout schedule: Alpha, Beta, & Gamma

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it's better to be uncomfortable for 25 minutes a day for the next few weeks than feel uncomfortable at your next big social event!


The 3 Week Diet is an extreme rapid weight loss program that can help you lose up to 23 pounds of pure body fat in just 3 weeks! And it really works!