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Objectification. Even well meaning, is still what it is. As if ta tas were an entity of their own. It sends the wrong msg, help save women from breast cancer


when i was little (1 year -), my parents took me to Disney World. I met "t-i-double ga-er". He held me and I started to softly sing one of my little uncomprehensible songs. I think I touched a few lives that day :)

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Hakuna Ma's Ta Tas Onesie, Funny Baby Onesie, Newborn Onesie, Funny Onesie, Nursing, Breastfeeding, Newborn Gift

Funny Hakuna Mas Ta Tas for the breastfeeding mom hand printed graphic on a onesie for babies, infants, toddlers. Made to Order for your special

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4 Exercises To Perk Up Your Boobs

We all want perky boobs but the problem is as we age, our ta-tas start to lose their oomph, if you know what I mean. To slow down the sag—or at least fake that effect—try these four bust boosters. All of these moves strengthen the back of the body, pulling the shoulders back for an …