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Nonfiction Text Features Sort

Do your students need help identifying important nonfiction text features? This teachers pay teachers activity will help them compare and contrast as well as identify the table of contents, index, bold words, headings, captions, graphs/charts, and the glossary.


Here's a post on interactive notebooks with downloads for a table of contents, notebook rubric, and grade tracker. I am SO doing this this year. Already printed and have 1/2 my classes with it glued in. PERFECT!


This is a very interesting table of contents. I think it fits the theme of the magazine. I like that the face is made up of different faces. It looks really neat. I think they did a good job laying out the departments/featured articles. I also like that they highlighted the title/important words.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Parts of a Book Posters

These are a *MUST-HAVE* for teachers or librarians! With simple, easy-to-read and easy-to-understand words and illustrations, these posters are eye-catching and perfect for display! Nine posters explain concept of TITLE, AUTHOR, ILLUSTRATOR, SPINE, FRONT COVER AND BACK COVER, TITLE PAGE, TABLE OF CONTENTS, BIBLIOGRAPHY, and INDEX.


Here's a set of 24 task cards on nonfiction text features. Some of the text features include: heading, subheading, diagram, caption, glossary, index, table of contents, map, timeline, text box, cutaway, bold words, italicized words, photograph, and illustration.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Algebra Word Wall, Walls that Teach, 100+ Concepts

Over 110 Concepts and Formulas from Algebra 1 and 2. Download the preview to see all the words. Includes a clickable table of content for easier...