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Take That Lyrics

Taking a trip down memory lane is hard when the memories that have been made are full of people that you used to know. But hey that's life I guess. One door closes, another opens. Can't wait for the day doors stop getting slammed in my face.


Loving Rihanna right now. Got in my 2k words and headed to Zumba #zumba #makeup #hair #fashion #ootd #music #writing #lyrics #motivated #workout La la la la La la la la La la la la (yeah) La la la la I want you to love me Like I'm a hot ride (uh yeah) Keep thinkin' of me (uh) Doin' what you like So boy forget about the world 'Cause it's gon' be me and you tonight (yeah) I wanna make your beg for it Then Imma make you swallow your pride Want you to make me feel Like I'm the only girl in…

“And should this be the last thing I see, I want you to know it’s enough for me, cause all that you are is all that I’ll ever need.” – Ed Sheeran / Tenerife Sea


You Need To Hear ThisJustin Skye Wizkid score a slow burning victory on U dont know Its another month and Wizkid is on a major US release. This time its no Drake or Tinie Tempah with their millions of fans. But a more humble story. Justine Skye his new collaborator left Atlantic Records earlier this year and pitched tent with Jay Zs ROC Nation (where Tiwa Savage got an international deal this year). The duo have campaigned and generated anticipation for the song as photos flooded Instagram…

London Grammar: Wasting My Young Years - 'Don't you know that it's only fear? I wouldn't worry, you have all your life. I've heard it takes some time to get it right.'


So honey now<br />Take me into your loving arms<br />Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars<br />Place your head on my beating heart<br />I'm thinking out loud<br />That maybe we found love right where we are Ed Sheeran | #lyrics