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These 5 foot tall ancient Persian archers were from the immortal guard at Palace of Darius I "the Great" at ancient Susa (Sushan). The Persian king surrounded himself by a body of Persian warriors called "the Immortals" (the royal bodyguard of ancient Persia) consisting of 10,000 foot soldiers, the best and the bravest of his own native army. Archers are wearing colorful ceremonial clothing decorated with tiny stars. Alexander the Great marched into Susa & took 40,000 talents of gold (1200…

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Which Biblical Heroine Are You?

Which Biblical Heroine Are You? I got Judith, never heard of her but the description is accurate.


Everyone, King David danced and sang in the Bible. He was also a mighty warrior. One of the mightiest warriors, I might add.


Daniel in the Lion's Den. - Daniel 6:16-KJV, "Then the king commanded, and they brought Daniel, and cast him into the den of lions. Now the king spake and said unto Daniel, Thy God whom thou servest continually, he will deliver thee."

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How Heavy Was a Talent in the Bible?

Inside Solomon's Temple with King Solomon and Queen of Sheba. During this period of Israel's history, Solomon's income was 666 talents of gold per annum or about 600,000 troy ounces, worth 300 million U.S. dollars today. During the reign of Solomon "silver was as common as stone" in Jerusalem, (I Kings 10:27). Solomon made 200 massive shields each 300 shekels in weight to hang on the walls of his palace. His ivory throne was overlaid with gold.


MarveLes Art Studios: do the work! {gelli prints & more} "afraid to begin the next step {just a little bit} because i don't want to 'mess things up' as i really love my gelli prints! in fact, it reminds me of the parable of talents in the bible where the one dude hides his money in a hole! {well... that hole could be my studio} ~ lol!"