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Interesting idea...this part could really be helpful "By keeping a record of how the social talking in inhibiting learning, you'll be better able to communicate your concerns to the student and, if it should prove necessary, his parents. It's going to be tough for any parent to justify social talking when they see that their son has filled out 10 Yellow Slips with "I was talking to (student's name) instead of working on my assignment." That's a pretty powerful message."

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25 Chatty Class Classroom Management Strategies for Overly Talkative Students (Miss Giraffe's Class)

Have a chatty class? Do your talkative students get louder and louder during small groups until it feels like chaos? Do they talk when you're talking then ask you what the directions were as soon as y


Whether you use musical instruments, game pieces, call-and-response, or electronic devices, there are many successful ways of getting students to focus front and stop talking.