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I remember that first time you called and how you told me you could hear the smile in my voice and how it touched you to know that I was glad to be talking to you. I still am my love, each and every time.


I love that we can talk about anything! Thank you for sharing your heart with me! I want you to be able to share your struggles with me always but I hate that you are hurting & confused! I Love YOU so much & miss talking to you terribly..even those nights where you can't keep your eyes open or when you fall asleep on me! :-) I did love listening to U breathe peacefully! Your heart is safe with me! :-*:-*:-* I Love YOU with ALL of Mine!!!!***


Brookie whenever I talk to you you make me so happy!! I miss you so much and I can't wait to see you again!!!!!!(: love you cookie(:


Justin. the 10 min a day neither of us are working and I'm talkin to you on the phone is the best. makes my day soo much brighter & always puts me in a good mood!


READ IF YOU NEED SOMEONE TO TALK TO: hey guys!! So today I have nothing to do and I really feel like giving some advice to you guys! If any of you have any questions or situations about: boys, school, confidence, or anything please please please talk to me!!! You can comment here send me a pin or if you want it to stay between us just email me at I will do my best to talk to you guys! I won't judge or be mean and I will hopefully help! Love all of you!X-Ashley

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How Do You Know When God Is Talking to You?

How Do You Know When God Is Talking to You?( Me...I don't even ask that question because I know) .

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Our Presence: The Gift That Really Matters to our Children

Gabby, I don't care if it's negative, say something or at least acknowledge my existence. It's not just hard, it's quite unbearable and the silence/avoidance is killing me.