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Body Armor Lets Soldiers Act Like Iron Man

PHOTO: The new TALOS armor is designed to add armored protection for Special Operations soldiers.

U.S. military closer to making cyborgs a reality -

The U.S. military is spending millions on an advanced implant that would allow a human brain to communicate directly with computers.

US Army plans 'Iron Man' armour for soldiers

US Army plans 'Iron Man' armour for soldiers. The Talos armor should be out in three years (wowsers)

Claudio Setti on

Quick photobash to visualize some ideas for "TALOS" armor. #gamedev #screenshotsaturday


U.S. special forces advances "Iron Man" suit project

The Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit may only be a few years away; futuristic armor might stop bullets head-to-toe, provide support carrying things

TALOS. While still a concept, the idea is to bring advanced protection and information to the front lines of battle. Screen shot from YouTube