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EagleQuest 2016

Jeff Wallen, Tucson, Arizona Jeff dressed Tamiya’s 1/12 scale Yamaha YZR-M1 in a colorful Fortuna Spiderman livery worn on a bike raced by Marco Melandri. The parts were painted with Tamiya spray-can red and blue over white primer.

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I used Tamiya spray paint for the silver skintone (you should be able to get it from a hobby supply store), and for details I use Jo Sonja's acrylics, there are a couple of nice gold colours in that range (I used a mix of Rich Gold and Copper for Clawdeen's eyeshadow). If you're using metallics it would be a good idea to use a similar coloured base coat first - I used a grey under the silver, you could use a yellow-toned base where you want it, then apply the gold over the top.

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Tamiya 86041 Tamiya PS-41 Polycarb Spray Bright Silver 3 oz

Tamiya 86017 Tamiya PS-17 Polycarbonate Spray Metal Green 3 oz

Tamiya 86050 Tamiya PS-50 Polycarb Spray Metallic Red/Pink 3 oz

Tamiya 86047 Tamiya PS-47 Polycarb Spray Pink/Gold 3 oz