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The Case For Tammany Hall Being On The Right Side Of History

Tammany Hall, this building built in 1928 to replace the older Tammany Hall. Located at 17th St. and Union Sq. The Democrat organization met here from 1929 to 1943 when ILGWU purchased the building. In 1991 the Union Square Theater opened here and the New York Film Academy followed in 1994. Was given landmark status in Oct. 2013.

Tammany Hall - Puck cartoon by Frederick Burr Opper: "Lots of hunters after a very sick tiger" (1893)

Tammany Hall - Tammany Ring by Thomas Nast; "Who stole the people's money?" / "'Twas him."

Chicago has always been crooked, back to Tammany Hall, through JFK and Mayor Daly. Remember Acorn and OBAMA? Clean it up TRUMP.


Tammany Hall - “Tammany Hall” has become synonymous with political corruption and outrageous patronage. But there really was a Tammany Hall—in fact, this was the second of them. The first was on Frankfort and Nassau Streets, and the New York Sun newspaper moved in when the Tammany Society, a fraternal and patriotic social society founded in 1789, moved out, NYC,