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Tammy Song

Debby Reynolds sings Tammy.(1950's) Mother of the the lady who play Princess Leia in Star Wars. (Carrie Fisher)

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Debbie Reynolds - who didn't love Debbie... she was so cute and talented and I loved her in all the "Tammy" movies... not to mention the song... thanks, Debbie...

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Hang on for: The Duke of York, Ring Around the Rosy, Roll the Ball, My Ball Rolls Over the Ocean & Popcorn

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If you were born in 1957, that was the year Debbie Reynolds movie with Leslie Neilson released, Tammy and the Bachelor and she sang the hit theme song Tammy which went up the charts for Debbie that year.

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One of my favorite old movies, This is the movie I was named after...when I got married I walked down to the theme song, Tammy's in love..a quite awesome moment in my life.

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Sometimes words r not enough

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The Ten Essentials of Wilderness Survival Gear

Anyone going into the backcountry should carry at least these ten pieces of essential wilderness survival gear.

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Debbie Reynolds.... *I was named after this movie "Tammy and the Bachelor" and this was the theme song. I still have a 45 record of this in my "treasures".

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