Tan Lines

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Tan lines. She's so dark. I want tan lines like these. Give me a week.

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I have never needed anything quite like I need a SHARKINI.

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Except for the fact that, he usually only comes out at NIGHT, so he wouldn't have tan lines.

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Grab a silly band and lay in the sun and bam! A temperary tattoo! I think Im going to try this because i tan real easy.

Just wow ... So pretty for anyone who Doesn't mind a little cut

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This meme does not have a subject and needs a conjunction. When those corrections are made, it needs a comma. The comma rule would be three. Grammar win: He never wears a shirt, but he always has a tan line.

x Imagine all the cray-cray tan lines you would get from this dress x ♥

Image of Coral | Cloudbreak

Thinking of a master plan, launching my bathing suit line but want to now incorporate fabrics...at first I was just doing yarn.