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Con: You have the worst tan lines of all time. | Why Lifeguarding Is The Best And Worst Job Ever

  • LukeLover23❤️

    I'm a swimmer so I know what hat is like

  • Bob O'Brien

    Every job has its drawbacks. I bet you the male lifeguards have no tan lines from the waist to the top of their heads. Life is so unfair. :)

  • Taylor Pierce

    I'm a swimmer and we gave one pieces and I where those to practice then get terrible tan lines and it looks really weird when I try to where my bikini

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Ari $28.00 USD Bikini set. Pink padded pushup bikini top with matching strappy bikini bottoms.

Love the top..tan lines might be a pain, but at least you'll look smoking in this show stopper. #bikini #tanlines #summer

Tan lines. She's so dark. I want tan lines like these. Give me a week.

  • Kyrsten Ostrom

    Actually, the journal of internal health sciences recently released a study stating that people who use sunscreen excessively and avoid the sun are more likely to get skin cancer AND to die from skin cancer than people who tan. UV rays are an amazing source of Vitamin D. A lack of Vitamin D (which most Americans suffer from) is horrible for the immune system, making us more susceptible to illnesses and cancers- especially skin cancer. I was so surprised to find this out.

  • bronte plug

    I get tan naturally, if I'm outside for a day I will become extremely tan!

  • Tiffany Garcia

    My dad has skin cancer, he never even tanned it's just from sung yard work through the years, so I'm pale and I embrace it, but if anything, I spray tan, it's faster and still pretty!!

  • The New Studio

    Very, very unsafe (teens dying of melanoma?!?!) and a guarantee of leathery skin at 35. Just sayin.

  • Christina McGill

    I'm all about being natural!

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How to Get Rid of Tan Lines: 5 All-Natural Methods That Work | Daily Makeover

How to Trim split ends at home! I have been doing this since I was a teenager. money saver.

  • Maria Carpenter

    Amen. I need this method for my daughter's hair.

  • Ana Trujillo

    Going to try this on my daughter's hair and mine of course. Hair stylist be getting scissor crazy and cut too much off.

Good Times Tan Lines Summer hat girls

Webbed Swimsuit Collections - The MIKOH Swimwear 2014 Collection is Bound to Leave Some Tan Lines (GALLERY)

NakedSportsGear- sports bras that won't give you tan lines when you're in the sun... cool

The awkward tan lines after an outdoor season. | 25 Things Only Track And Field Runners Can Understand

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Buzzfeed List: 28 People More Awkward Than You (#24 the guy with suspicious tan lines hahah)

Living with those tan lines. | 16 Things Camp Counselors Understand

L*Space // Active Mantra Bikini Top // beautiful, but perhaps for a quick swim, because I would nottt want those tan lines on my back.++

bikini discount♥

I want to be this tan! Summer goal lol

backless dress...I want this and to go somewhere I can wear something like this bra-less!!!! Although I have a wicked bathing suit tan line from IM train

those were the days....when the goodness of summer was measured by the intensity of the tan lines :)

After a morning of dreaming, you’ve dressed for the day and have stopped by your kitchen to pour a latte as rich as the semi-sheer, beige, ruffle-trimmed lining of your Ryu frock. Since 2008, Ryu has designed hand-crafted pieces that help independent, creative fashionistas like you tell their own fashion stories.

6 ways to wear a swimsuit top. just tried the criss cross and bandeau. like them both. will wear this summer :)

Sparkle~Visit www.lanyardelegan... for Beaded Lanyards from Swarovski Crystals and Elegant Eyeglass holders for women. Lanyards, Beaded Lanyards, ID Badge Holders, Women's Lanyards.

lacy detailing making up the back of this bikini. Isn't it lovely!

I have never needed anything quite like I need a SHARKINI.

Swim special: 19 swimsuits for cray cray tan lines! #summerstyle #summer2013

  • Riley Woods

    can anyone tell me where I can get this swimsuit @?☺️

Thinking of a master plan, launching my bathing suit line but want to now incorporate first I was just doing yarn.