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Tanf Application

'What 7 States Discovered After Spending More Than $1 Million Drug Testing Welfare Recipients'--Proponents of these bills claim they will save money by getting drug users off the dole and thus reduce spending on benefits. But states that are looking at bills of their own may want to consider the fact that the drug testing programs that are already up and running haven’t seen such results.


Utah: Cost of Testing


Mississippi: Cost of Testing (2 Positive!!!!)

States spend hundreds of thousands on Welfare drug testing, turn up barely anything. Gee, you're kidding. wtf

Oklahoma: Cost of Testing

Kansas: Cost of Testing


Tennessee: Cost of Testing


Compass stands for Common point of access social services. GA compass is online portal that is provided to residents of Georgia to access social services online. If you want to apply for food stamps/SNAP Medicaid Food Assistant PeachCare for Kids Mental health support TANF and other benefits. You have to just create your online account from

from The Huffington Post

The Bad Research Behind Georgia's Welfare Drug Testing Law

"From the moment the Florida law took effect in July of 2011 to when a federal judge suspended it with an injunction the following October, a total of 4,086 welfare applicants were drug tested. Of that total...2.6 percent, tested positive for drugs, mostly marijuana. The rate of drug use among the general population is above 8 percent. So poor parents seeking assistance in Florida were singled out for drug testing, but it turns out they are actually less likely to do drugs than most people…