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Tapeworm Diet

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Vintage Ads: Saved the best for last – Top 7

If you haven’t ever had a tapeworm, consider yourself lucky. If you don’t know about them, then look up a little info on wiki (just not right around meal time). They can cause serious damage for over a decade and can multiply vastly in one’s body, not just their stomach. But thank God they are sanitized, otherwise that’d be gross.


Yuck! Tapeworms as a diet aid... "In fact, the tapeworm is the modern era’s first diet aid. The tapeworm diet got its start in the Victorian era when wealthy fashionistas began to look for ways to string those corsets tighter and tighter. Later, this weight loss method really picked up steam in the 1920′s when Flappers started to look for ways to get rid of those pesky, feminine curves."


Parasites like human intestinal worms are a far more common problem than most people realize. But what are some of the symptoms of tapeworm and other worms and how can you use pumpkin seeds for parasites as an intestinal worm treatment? Ahead is a natura


Is Tapeworm Diet Effective For Weight Loss? -

Politically Incorrect Ads of Yesteryear - FAT, the enemy that is shortening your life banished! How? With sanitized TAPE WORMS (jar packed).

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The Infection Hundreds of Thousands of People Don’t Even Know They Have


Melissa Dahl

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Politically Incorrect Advertising