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Fill tray with water and freeze. Pop out the targets and shoot away. Leaves no mess and waters the yard at the same time. The bases are large enough to stand up on there own.

"Tater Tree" is an all time firing range favorite. It consists of a five foot 2x6 for the "tree" with some finishing nails driven into it on the front and both sides. Potatoes are stabbed on the nails and you have a great bunch of "splatter" targets ready to go. A potato will blow into a million pieces with a well placed shot from a .22. From a larger caliber.....well, it just gets better.

How to Make Your Own Ballistic Gel...because come on...what kid doesn't want to make their own ballistics dummy?!?!?! Really??? Only MINE??? hahaha


Fun idea for a lil target practice - High Fence Wildlife Association open forum