Tarzan You'll Be in my Heart 8x10 Poster - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD / Instant Download

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tarzan is a great movie, i wish I could go out to the jungle in the middle of no where and find some attractive ape man to swing me around through all the trees on vines....

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Previous pinner: "Okay, I love Disney a whole lot, but one of the biggest reasons I love Disney is the way they make the guys. It isn't their looks I'm talking about, it's the looks they give. Especially when they look at the girls. It shows total love and adoration." Agreed!

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come with me now to see my world, where there's beauty beyond your dreams, can you feel the things I feel right now with you?

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Okay. First, I wanna cosplay this when I get married and have a kid. Second, look at the awesomeness of Tarzan's dad's mustache! Tarzan's dad is my favorite, I love how protective he was and how he was so strong, but he was also gentle and tender..... I nominate him as an official Disney prince!

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