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WEBSTA @ muidet - (via ruincus tumblr)Sergei Golovkin was a Russian sadist and serial killer who was dubbed “The Fisher”. His eleven victims, all young boys, endured horrific torture both mental and physical before their deaths. Golovkin confessed that he found torture sexually arousing and that he wouldn’t ever have children of his own because he doubted he could resist abusing them. He abducted young boys and took them to his underground garage that he had converted to a torture chamber…

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World of Men...... Just a man who likes men - all types and lots of them. I'm posting whatever turns me on. Models, porn, sports hotties, dressed and in all states of undress, short, tall, blond, dark, hairy, get the idea. NSFW warning.

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stickandpoketattoo: “A beautifully simple rose outline for Amy. Tattoo Artist: Sarah March ”

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+ hi, i’m michelle & tyler joseph makes me cry links | edits | apply for my net! | friends

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I was literally soo scared for Niall!! I was hoping that if he did get the tattoo box that one of the boys would take his place!

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back in LA for a moment or so

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Don't know who the hell you are but damn <3 ~ HELLO CHICO. HELLO SIR I AM REALLY APPRECIATING WHOEVER PHOTOSHOPPED TATTOOS ONTO YOU RIGHT NOW 8) ugh you are such a beautiful human being I just need you to stop for like a little while ok

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one pink for my baby girl one blue for my boy but a sleeve.....oooo xmas present please!!!!!

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