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I always had the image of Everett with tattoos, lots of them. I never really knew what any of them were though, but this is one of them for sure.

Chemical structure of adrenaline. I live for the feeling of adrenaline rushes. Done by the amazing Brian Hemming at Regeneration Tattoo in Allston, MA.

Corey Miller -Goodbye Mommy-hyper realistic black and white/grey/gray work tattoo idea for loss, grieving. Little boy in a hospital saying goodbye to his mother, who has obviously passed away. Love this.-BirdY

LOSTBOY, LB-378 motorcycle concept by ninosboombox, Los Angeles. Some of the work ninosboombox did for the LOST BOY film directed by Ash Thorp and Anthony Scott burns, produced by Post Panic Pictures. Computer graphics plus.