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Tattoo grrl

Girl Power. I am a nam who grow up in a home with 2 sister & mum @ home I think this is why my friend bob tald me I am odd & I thnk more like a girl not a man lol I like this grate & I agree but not a lot of men would understand this only 10% & the rest only think with there wedding tackal & the suppert when they get home & the pub on a Friday & Saturday night & football non of this apply to me . I would rather be with the group of Girls then a beer monter drinking men's group ??

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Shark Tooth tattoo. Small & Simple tattoos.

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Rose by Evan Davis at Banshee Tattoo in Nashville, TN // @evandavistattoo on instagram

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twinpeakscaptioned: “ Emma Munger - Ladies of Twin Peaks Pin Ups ”

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Jorgie Delaigle

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perfect, too bad I already have a Venus symbol tattoo

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awesome crafty grrl tattoo by yuko shimizu...not sure if she is knitting with crochet hooks or drumsticks, either way, knit on....

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Raise your bejeweled, nail-painted hand and make a fist. [follow this link to find a link, which explores the widespread disavowing of feminist identities:]

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Young Hearts Run Free

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