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Tattoo Pain Chart


Tattoo Pain Chart - scroll about halfway down the page.

tattoo pain charts ... also depends on if the person is not professional and grinds the needle deep into your skin... MEH

  • Cynthia Larkin-Clinton

    My tattoo next to my belly button hurt SO much! They don't mention that spot on the photo.

  • Drake' Spencer

    Man my calf tattoo hurt so bad lol . They should change it to red

  • Melissa Hedlund

    my wrist tattoo didnt hurt...i feel asleep during it (i work second shift and had to be up early for it)

  • Alexandria & Domenic

    Exactly! Haha. I have wrist, foot, ribs, && thigh. My most painful one was the one that should have been the least painful: thigh. Had me in tears.

  • Leanna Sloan

    Agreed ^^^. I have both of my wrists, behind my ears, and feet tattooed. None of the above hurt too bad. But of course all tattoos are a little uncomfortable because someone is jamming a few baby needles into your skin. Haha

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“Is it going to hurt?” | 10 Annoying Things People Say And Do In Tattoo Shops.

Welp, since my first tattoo was on top of my "spin" on the back of my neck - both red zones - and I handled that without issues, I think we can safely say I'm good to go on whereever else I want ink. // Tattoo placement chart - levels of discomfort

  • Tiffany Kyer

    Most of this is red....

  • Karissa Kelso

    Lolol, I have one behind my ear that was a piece of cake. My shoulder blade? Eh, painful, but not bad.

Tattoo Pain Chart - Discover the level of pain to expect on the 10 most popular tattooed body parts.

I don't fully agree with the pain chart - everyone has a different pain tolerance. But overall, this is cool.

Lol!! Depends on the person!: Does it hurt (Tattoo Pain Chart)

  • jenni y

    i have a ton of tats, def ribs...but then i did collar bone. ouch!!!

  • Tracy Mckenzie

    I have 3 tattoos… 2 on my feet and one on my ribs. By far the most painful was the ribs, however, the foot HURT … :-)

  • Amanda Thomas

    Or ankles. By far the most painful tattoo was my ankle cuff. ouch.

  • April Miller

    or elbows or inner arms(axillary area) or chest...

  • Tracy Mckenzie

    It doesn't account for the ribs or feet …

tattoo pain chart; friend of mine passed out after six hours under the needle, loco yes but the endorphins kick in

Really good chart for tattoo pain!

Tattoo pain chart- interesting that 3 out of the 4 places I have them are very sensitive spots. LOL

  • Jessica Switzer

    the butt, while having more flesh and would usually lead to a less painful tattoo, still has a load of nerve endings. It should be yellow

Choose your artist *very* carefully. Choose an image that has personal meaning to you. Look at pain charts and pick the location carefully. Keep in mind that there's some very good tattoo coverup makeup these days. I personally have a couple that have to be covered because I wish I would've been more careful of my artist! They are either blown way out & scared or just poorly given. Do research!

Tattoo Pain Chart - Bing Images

Tattoo Pain Chart for Women | ... insights especially this butcher s chart for the tattooed human form

  • Candis

    Whoever made this chart clearly didn't like tattoos or didn't like someone who had them lol

Does it hurt (Tattoo Pain Chart). I think this is amusing. Every single place that I have tattoos that really didnt hurt (foot, wrist, hips) they say are most painful. Yet ones they say are least painful (lower back) killed me.

Does it hurt (Tattoo Pain Chart) Well I did have a foot did not phase me so I guess I'm good!! Lol!!

Figures I would tattoo one of the most sensitive places on the body; my foot!

Tattoo Pain Chart

Tattoo pain chart

Some say the feet are extremely painful and others say it's not that bad...I am a little nervous tho

Tattoo Pain Chart – The “Pain” Truth About Tattoos

Tattoo Pain Chart. Yeah, why'd I get a tattoo on my ankle?

Tattoo pain chart