Zentangle stylized doodle vector animal drawing of mouse head. Zen print, poster. Ornate decoration for coloring book sketch. Ethnic logo, tattoo template.

The bottom one with the notes.... free tattoo templates | Vector ornaments with butterflies | Free Stock Vector Art ...

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Bootstrap Tattoo Template by dougborton on @Graphicsauthor

Twin Peaks - Leilani Bustamante “Fire…Walk With Me” ---- Art featured in Gallery1988 presents "Crazy 4 Cult Back in LA" Art Show (2014-12)

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Borneo Tattoo Template 8.25" Dayak Iban Tattoo Ink Stamp Block 'Surong Gelang' Traditional Tribal Primitive Status&Beauty Symbol (1 PIECE) by BorneoHunters on Etsy

Tattoo Ink Block 5.5"Borneo Tribal Tattoo Template Ink Stamp/Traditional Tribal Primitive Tattoo Status And Beauty Symbol (ONE PIECE) #4 by BorneoHunters on Etsy

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