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Taurus Rules!


This is so true its not even funny.. Taurus


Symbol Tattoo Design Taurus Bull

Taurus loves to love and be loved <3

Bull tattoo idea, taurus, zentangle.

Taurus is different when angry. Resentful & will put up walls. That is considered safe compared to what they could be doing to you. Zodiac sign Taurus

"Take the bull by the horns."

Taurus bull tattoo sketch

I'm Taurus

Reminds me of my Tata. She'd always tell me this every time we'd talk about my problems.

Me me me!!! I tell people this alll the time! Stop talking about sh*t and just go get it done.

I like the idea, dont't know if it is maybe too agressive, but it could be something along the lines of, which I know has been used before. "running with the big bulls" or "Don't get left behind"

I'm a taurus, so of cause I need El Toro as well (Btw: El Toro is spanish for "the bull")

Taurus Constellation Prints and Poster. Pick your size and paper! Original design by Ink & Dot Studio.

Only a select few ever make it to a Taurus inner circle, and the ones that do, a Taurus will do almost anything for.

☾GABBI☽ : Photo

taurus ▵ bird black

Taurus ♉

Never push a bull too far