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Bull tattoo idea, taurus, zentangle.

Me me me!!! I tell people this alll the time! Stop talking about sh*t and just go get it done.

Family is everything to a Taurus. #zodiac × × × ×

Taurus at home #theastrologylady - Wisdom through the stars #meetmystarmatch - how to date zodiac style

tattoo idea: a "taurus" tat that isn't too cliche..

Taurus tattoo

Taurus is different when angry. Resentful & will put up walls. That is considered safe compared to what they could be doing to you. Zodiac sign Taurus

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Ferdinand The Bull, Britta J. Naslund - - - Follow Britta J. Naslund on Tumblr HERE!

TAURUS ZODIAC POSTER Wicca Pagan Witch Witchcraft BOOK OF SHADOWS Astrology - Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy

Reminds me of my Tata. She'd always tell me this every time we'd talk about my problems.

Only a select few ever make it to a Taurus inner circle, and the ones that do, a Taurus will do almost anything for.

Juxtapoz Magazine - Richey Beckett Illustration | Illustration

Taurus Bull: April 21 – May 22

Taurus symbol...possible Tattoo by angelia

Take the bull by the horns. #rulestoliveby

~ Taurus ~

Zodiac Taurus facts. ~Taurean Pinner's note: if a Taurean's heart turns to "coal", You should RUN...Run Away...FAST!

I have to pin this as it is my astroligic sigh.

Bull skull with a head dress, custom design.

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