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from BuzzFeed

23 Things Girls In Their Twenties Just Get, As Told By Taylor Swift


I made this @TSwift1989 :) I hope you like it and realize how unbelievably true it is! My mom literally told me the other day "You know the new Taylor commercial with all the cats, whatever song that was, I could sing all of the words" *I start playing "How you Get the Girl"* and she literally was singing all of the words. Thank you for being amazing enough for them to do that. (Rest is in comments, 500 character limit.....)

from NY Daily News

Taylor Swift, Age 14 - A look back at Taylor Swift's musical career nine years since her first single

After a year of taking guitar lessons and playing guitar non-stop, Taylor and her parents thought it was time to get her name out there. At the age of 14, Swift and her parents started working with New York-based music manager Dan Dymtrow. Dymtrow helped get Taylor's name and face in the public by getting her modeling deals and eventually an original song in a Maybelline compilation CD. She also attended meetings with major record labels before finally getting her first big opportunity.