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Which Taylor Swift Song Are You?


Taylor Swift - Our Song Violeta thinks this is a very romantic idea of a couple's special song. Catalina loves the sparkly guitar. The bed of roses is appealing to all of them. Tatiana, however, has issues with the idea of sneaking out late and with talking on the phone without parental permission.


Day 1 - The first Taylor Swift song you ever heard. I'm pretty sure it is Our Song, but I can't be sure. I started liking Taylor seven years ago. This is just one of the first songs of hers I remember.


Day 9: favorite Taylor Swift(album) song; this was the second song I ever heard from taylor. I was in kindergarten and someone sang it at the talent show. I had it stuck in my head for always is weird to think that the first time I heard taylor I was so little! And I can't believe she is 25!!!the first song I heard was Teardrops on my guitar. I just love the memories each song has because she is been with me for so long. :') -Jamie Nicole (@TheChosenSwifty)


Taylor Swift Songs For Your Emotions Crying your eyes out: Cold As You, Come In With The Rain, Forever and Always (piano), Dear John, Last Kiss, Teardrops on My Guitar, Breathe. Pissed Off: Picture To Burn, Should've Said No, Tell Me Why, Better Than Revenge. Happy! Fearless, Our Song, Mine, You Belong With Me, Ours, Superman Lonely/Longing: Superstar, Untouchable, Story Of Us, Come In With The Rain, Haunted, Back To December, If This Was A Movie, Teardrops On My Guitar Having A Crush…