Custom Scrabble Desk Teacher Nameplate

Such a cute nameplate for teacher's desk. I would have to glue 2 blocks together to make it work for my name.

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{Peek of the Week} A Peek into Sunny's 4th & 5th Grade Classroom

Teaching With a Mountain View: {Peek of the Week} A Peek into Sunny's 4th & 5th Grade Classroom

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My desk at school this year! Wrapping paper + white duct tape + white contact paper = a whole new atmosphere for my room! Goodbye brown laminate and metal desk!

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20 Office Organization Tips

Teacher desk organization

15 Organizational Hacks For Teachers (That You’ll Want To Steal For Yourself!)

This time of year there’s no one more highly organized than a teacher. In addition to getting all those seating charts, lesson plans, and assignments in hand, an ultra-tidy classroom space makes all the rest of those tasks easier. So you can bet teachers keep their rooms and desks shipshape. Luckily, that means there’s lots of smart, crafty, even downright cheap ideas out there to crib from.

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Quiet Critters They live in a soundproof jar & only come out when it's quiet. Loud noises hurt their ears, but whispering is ok They love to sit on students' desks & watch & learn from the students. If the student is too loud, they get moved to the other side of their desk. If they continue to be loud they go back into their jar. At the end of the quiet lesson whoever still has a Quiet Critter on their desk can have points, a sticker or whatever incentives you have in the room.

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