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Teacher mentor

Mentoring tips for new teachers, mentors and administrators.

10 Tips for Mentoring a Student Teacher

5. Keep a notebook. Ask your preservice teacher to buy a notebook and to put it on your desk every time they teach a lesson. That way you can jot down notes while they’re teaching. This not only saves time but it helps you to provide fresh feedback. They can also write down questions they have for you to answer either in the notebook or in person. Be sure to ask Mr. Springer to do this!!

What Can a Teacher Do to be a Good Mentor?

This post is kind of a photo dump of an idea for a functions foldable.  The foldable is a free download from TPT and you can find it here ....

Tips for New Teachers

Student Teaching and new teacher tips as well as a recap of what I wish I knew before I became a teacher and an entrepreneur/teacherpreneur


Advice for a First Year Teacher

Sincere advice for a first year teacher: have routines, build relationships, the rest will come with time. 5 practical lessons for a new teacher. |


How to Be (or Find) a Truly Great Teaching Mentor

10 thoughtful tips on making your mentoring relationship work, plus teachers tell "the best thing their mentor did."


What Advice Would You Give a Student Teacher?

Lots of good advice to make the most of your student teaching semester. If you need it, come read. If you have some, come give it!


Student Teaching Toolkit - Student Teaching Resources

Calling all student teachers and supervising teachers...this resource is made especially for YOU! The Student Teaching Toolkit is filled with everything a student teacher needs to have a successful student teaching experience... • Classroom Management Resources and Systems • Classroom Organization Tracking Forms • Introductory Activities • A Complete Classroom Observation Lesson • Interview Preparation Guide • Tips and Tricks for Successfully Student Teaching