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Truth be told... WHY? Public Servants??? Not likely... Corporate Servants - YES....


Sleek, modern and perfect for a romantic getaway, Hotel Eiffel Capitol was an ideal choice for our visit to Paris. When booking a half term break to Paris, I spent hours searching for a decent hotel with a good location that was affordable on my cover teacher wage.


Every WalMart in America costs the tax payers over $900,000 per year in subsidies to the billion dollar corporation and food stamps for workers. There are thousands of WalMart stores, the math is staggering. Waltons are the richest family in America, yet you and I still have to subsidize them because they can afford to pay lobbyists and bribe politicians to keep this scam going. Boycott WalMart . Gov pass higher minimum wage laws that prevent a huge corporation see comments


Founder Soror Jessie McGuire Dent was born in Galveston, Texas. She was the first corresponding secretary of the Alpha Chapter. She attended the Teacher’s College at Howard University. She became a teacher in the Galveston School District, however a fight was ahead of her. Ms. Dent took on the Galveston School District in court, and won equal wages for Black teachers.


Total BullShit!! 1860 $1 equaled 1oz silver today that's $17 oz not less. If adjusting for inflation from 1996 the current minimum wage has only went up .03¢...So, $7.25 isn't the same $7.25 your parents may think it is. We need to end the private enterprise called the Federal Reserve because they're crooks and basically holding US hostage.


There are folks out there who say, "it doesn't impact me, I'm not a union guy, I'm not a teacher, I'm not a civil servant." Let me tell you how it does matter to you. Wages are going down in this country for EVERYBODY. When you destroy UNIONS there will be no standard at all, nobody left to negotiate decent jobs for the middle class.