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The Hungry Teacher: Classroom Organization in the Upper Grades {Part 3 of 5}

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Students will be able to identify text structures more easily if they become familiar with signal terms, words and phrases that frequently occur in certain types of texts. Here’s a free chart from the University of Tennessee’s Center for Literacy, Education & Employment that shows common text structures with their signal terms

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Classroom Management Makeover

Classroom Management Makeover: Tips and logical consequences cheat sheet!

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Teach grouping symbols, parentheses, brackets and order of operations with this free interactive notebook set

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7 reasons why Quizlet Live is a great resource to incorporate into your Spanish classroom

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"Every high school should have a mandatory class called "Life" which teaches you how to: sew, change a tire/oil, do taxes, basic first aid, basic cooking etc. Basic things that you need in real life."

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Sight Word Game: Showdown

Simple prep, super fun sight word game. This was my students' favorite sight word games of all.

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45 Best 100th Day of School Resources

45 Best 100th Day of School Resources - 100 Days 100 Words - Teach Junkie