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10 Games to Play with any Vocabulary Words

Vocabulary instruction is so critical is today's classroom! A vast vocabulary will help students to become better readers and writers. V...

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5 Fun Word Games for Vocabulary Practice

Say hi to our wonderful guest blogger, Alicia Christian, aka The Elementary Professor! Vocabulary practice is something teachers are always trying to increase.  Now with more reading in t…

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Word Graffiti

Word Graffiti - an easy, no prep activity to encourage students to think deeper about vocabulary before reading


Teaching vocabulary to students is an incredibly important part of content area knowledge. Academic knowledge, specifically, can be hard for students to retain if they are low achieving, special education, or if English is their second language. For years, research has shown that increased vocabulary knowledge means improved reading comprehension. Use these 7 steps to effectively teach vocabulary.


What Every Teacher Should Know About Teaching Vocabulary


10 Principles for Effective Vocabulary Instruction~ Love the "do this-not that" format. Teachers who do more of "this" and less of "that," can feel good that they're headed in the right direction! Check out the original post @

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Texting in the Classroom

Our students are saturated in a world of technology. As educators there is immediate buy-in when we connections between our students’ real worlds and our classrooms. One of my favorite (free) resources to do this is  called ifaketext. It allows users to create faux iPhone text conversations. The website lets you fit between 35 and...