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Team Gale!! #Gale #Team_Gale #Hunger_Games

I think it was right for Katniss to choose Peeta. But If it was me, Gale would be right for me.


He always had Katniss's back through all the books and he loved her enough to give her time to make up her mind. He didn't force himself on her like Peeta did. He took care of her family and Peeta had nothing to do with her family.

I'm literally dying right now because that is my tumblr post. Like I wrote that. A few years ago. Hahahaha. Still true though.

Poor Gale. Nobody has any respect for Gale. He protected Katniss outside of the arena is the forests, feed her family while she was gone, and was her best friend. He does kill Prim tho so TEAM PEETA

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Good Guy Gale

that is a very good point..sometimes i wish he would have tried harder, but then i remember Gale and Katniss would never work..she needs Peeta's calm and peace in her life.

I don't prefer Gale over Peeta but I do think Gale doesn't get all the appreciation his character deserves. Don't agree with the Peeta not looking out part though

i hate how the end just says Gale lives in district two and she sees him on the new sometimes! gah!


Respect for Gale - Remember, he's not a bad person...