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Ted Cruz Healthcare

Its time to fight back against the propaganda coming from Obama and his liberal hacks, such as Ellen. That's why it's time to launch a new wave of our TV ad campaign noting that millions of Americans lost their insurance from Obama's healthcare scheme and celebrating the effort by Ted Cruz and Republicans in Congress for fighting so strongly against ObamaCare.


Schizophrenic Senator Ted Cruz ~ Well, that explains so much. Hey dumb ass, that's not God speaking in your ear - that's the Koch brothers !!!

from Salon

Ted Cruz’s borderline hysteria: There’s no problem Ted Cruz can’t fix by “securing the border”

To understand the kind of America Cruz wants, here's what to know about the Christian university he spoke at Monday


My brother, Bernie Sanders, has got it right on healthcare...: My brother, Bernie Sanders, has got it right on healthcare… #BernieSanders

from Fox News Latino

Ted Cruz Takes Stand Against Gun Control and Hagel in No Compromise Strategy

Feinstein is one of the worst non-logic-speaking idiots to ever get elected to serve the people. She can't walk and chew gum at the same time but people elected her to speak for them leading me to believe she serves idiots.


Ted Cruz accuses Senate of stacking courts to protect Obamacare. Sen. Ted Cruz cut to the chase and gave his view of the real reason fellow Democrats wanted to ban filibusters against certain court nominees: It’s all aimed at protecting the long-term fate of Obamacare, he said.