Dog has road rage plus Ted Cruz Meme Thought out Ted Cruz's campaign he was suggested to be the true person behind the zodiac killings. Let's also consider this question. What if he's just a weird domination addict. Check out Ted Cruz below in a gimp suit and More funny Memes. For more funny Memes subscribe. a funny image funny daily pictures funny humour pics funny memes Funny Pictures photos of funny images

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Despite Stellar Sales, New York Times Keeps Ted Cruz’s New Book Off Bestseller List — Here’s the Excuse Given

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Conservative Hideout 2.0 Rotating Header Image Anatomy of a Liberal Comment: Change the Subject, and "It's all about me"


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Sen. Ted Cruz: White House Stalling Probe Into $1.3B Payment to Iran Breaking News at Urgent: Do You Back Trump or Hillary? Vote Here Now!

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Enough: Sen. Ted Cruz's Blistering Message After Learning Of Bombshell Report On Iran's Secret 'Backroom' Deal ~ (Image source: Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

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Remember when Sarah Palin put "bullseyes" on maps & how the MSM & Libs went nuts,over it! & don't forget how kids are expelled from school for Pop tart, drawing & hands shaped into a GUN! | GUESS THE POLITICAL PARTY: AP PHOTO LINES PISTOL UP WITH SENATOR, 2016 CANDIDATE TED CRUZ’S BRAIN | 6/21/15

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Ted Cruz: ‘You have my word’ I’ll fight to save GOP’s pro-life plank /Featured Image

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