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Ted Cruz Busted On Secret Tape Admitting That His Core Positions Are Fake | 12.23.15 |"In a secret recording, Ted Cruz admitted that he doesn’t really believe what he is trying to sell to Republican voters…Ted Cruz’s top priority has always been advancing his own career, so it isn’t much of a surprise that the positions that he is selling Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina aren’t the same as what he is telling people behind closed doors. Ted Cruz is a fake."

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Donald Trump threatens to 'spill the beans' on Ted Cruz's wife over Melania ad http://ift.tt/1RjHAm3 The race for the Republican nomination has devolved into a war over wives. Donald Trump tweeted on Tuesday evening that he would spill the beans on GOP rival Ted Cruzs wife Heidi over an ad using photos from Melania Trumps photoshoot with GQ. The problem? Those ads didnt come from Cruzs campaign. They were released by the anti-Trump super PAC Make America Awesome run by Republican…

Ted Cruz To David Gregory: Nazis? What Nazis? - http://thedailydrudgereport.com/2013/10/06/mainstream-mixup/ted-cruz-to-david-gregory-nazis-what-nazis/

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Science-Denying Troglodyte Ted Cruz to Chair Senate Science Subcommittee - With the GOP takeover of the Senate, all the leadership positions will be filled by Republicans after the first of the year. Two of the most frightening changes will be on the Environment and Public Works Committee and the Subcommittee on Science and Space which will likely be chaired by James Inhofe (R-OK) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) respectively, two of the most adamant climate and science deniers in congress.

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Thank you, Rush Limbaugh, for the kind words: "I think that there is a dark horse in this entire thing. I think there is one candidate who is positioned here... There has been somebody trucking along here, steady Eddie that has continued to be who he is and continues to lay down foundational markers for himself, and that's Ted Cruz... Cruz is inarguably thoroughbred conservative." ‪#‎TEDCRUZ2016‬

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