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Which Young Justice Invasion Character are You?

And Then There Were None…*Young Justice: Invasion Spoilers* Hello Speed Readers, As many of you are aware the last episode of Young Justice aired this past Saturday. I finally got a chance to watch it...


Young Justice / Superboy /I like this art! It's simple, yet detailed in a way, mimics the art of the show while being unique in itself. Not to mention I love the combination of the jacket from season one and the gloves from season two.


Community Post: 16 Facts About Time That Could Blow Your Mind

Waiting for season 3 of Young Justice... Or season 2 of firefly... Or season 4 of sherlock


Teen Titans Go! Appetite for Disruption DIY Boys Cyborg Craft

Come have fun with your favorite Teen Titans for the April 14th release of the 20 Disc Teen Titans Go! Appetite for Disruption (Season 2, Part 1) from Warner Bothers Home Entertainment. While you are learning about the 26 included episodes, why not also find out how to make a fun DIY Boys Cyborg Craft as well. Drop by today for your Teen Titans Go fun!