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Teenage Guys


sooo true!!! If only guys didn't love with their eyes, then I could sleep in 10 extra minutes every morning!

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I honestly think that something like that never will come true for me, it's just like the guys don't know I exist even though I stand right next to them. But when there is a guy who notice me, I hope that it will be like that…

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I didn't clear the description before a reposted this a while ago so whatever it ha here wasn't my words. But now I have changed it sooo that rant that was in here is no longer lol

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She wants the hoodie. But she wants to smell like you. so wear it a lot first. and then give it to her. and then if she gives it back it's because it doesn't smell like you anymore and she wants it back later when you fixed it.

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Yes. But I want it to be the right guy and I would have to be like 16 before my parents let me date.

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Yuppers♡ there's a new guy in my speech class (who is really attractive I might add) and I'm getting that vibeeeeeee!!!!!

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Teenage Posts & Much More - LOL That's Me Post #247

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I don't have a crush! I don't know any guys. Yay homeschooling

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