teeth whitening home remedy... Ok when I first saw this I thought no way, its gonna have a nasty taste and my mouth is gonna fizz from the peroxide and baking soda, BUT it didn't AND it actually made my teeth whiter, without leaving a nasty taste in my mouth. Deff worth trying!!!!:

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How to Remove Tooth Tartar at Home | Not gonna lie, I just tried this and it really does feel like I just came back from the dentist. My teeth are so clean!

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Coconut oil pulling. Take about a tablespoon coconut swish in your mouth be for breakfast for 20min. (DO NOT SWALLOW) After 20min spit it out in garbage can. Rinse your mouth with cup of warm salt water. Benefits, teeth whitening, reduces cavity pain, helps with dry mouth, helps Gums stop bleeding ect. R.H.:

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Doggie Dental Care: Check out our 7 tips for keeping your dog's teeth clean and…

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