Electric Light Orchestra- Telephone Lines Still makes me cry like the 13 yr old girl I was when this hit the radio

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▶ E. L. O. - telephone line (live) - YouTube ..... 70's, Sitting in my bedroom listening to AM Radio.

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CD 190-191, DIAMOND, Royal Purple A style of insulator known as a two-piece transposition. This insulator was made by the Diamond Flint Glass Company Ltd of Montreal, Quebec (1903-1913). They were used on open wire telephone lines in the prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada. Transposition style insulators were made with two or more wire grooves to allow the telephone lines to cross over each other once every several poles. This twisting of the wires would cancel out the interference or…

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Glass insulators were first produced in the 1850s for telegraph lines, then for telephone and power transmission lines insulated from the wooden poles that held them up. They had to insulate the wire from the wood and for this they are made from glass, porcelain or composite polymer materials (non c…

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A Signal Corps lineman repairs damaged telephone lines, Belgium, winter 1944-1945. The jeep is equipped with a RL-31 wire reel carrier.

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