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Electric Light Orchestra - Telephone Line (Audio) - YouTube


Source: Photograph This is a woman using the telephone. In 1920, one family in four had a telephone, by 1929, in many regions of Canada, three out of four families had one. Most had a party line, in which several phone owners shared a telephone line; each had their special ring.


▶ E. L. O. - telephone line (live) - YouTube ..... 70's, Sitting in my bedroom listening to AM Radio.


Power Tie. Transformer necktie screenprinted with by Cyberoptix (Accessories, Necktie, Silkscreen, silkscreen, screenprint, crow, black bird, phone pole, bunny rabbit, wires, lineman, telephone lines, silver and fuchsia, raspberry and black, power lines, mens tie)

Telephone line repairmen at work, 1929

Standing in line for the Telephone, 1950s by Michigan State University Archives, via Flickr


Tangled In Crossed Telephone Lines Metal Print featuring the photograph Calls For Gritting Teeth by Jorgo Photography - Wall Art Gallery

Electric Light Orchestra- Telephone Lines Still makes me cry like the 13 yr old girl I was when this hit the radio