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    I got Laa-Laa! Which Teletubby Are You? You got: Laa-Laa The yellow Teletubby! Laa-Laa’s antenna is a loop! That is SO you.

    Still holds the record for the amount of time I spent hypnotized while watching my grandson. Time stopped when the Teletubbies were on. Weird.

    Crocheted Teletubbies. Free pattern in Danish.

    ¿Has visto, "Pinky" Winky? Además de darte ideas guarrotas, con lo que a ti te gustan, te ayudo en tu labor como traductora y lectora de "entre líneas". Que sé que no es fácil... Besis. :-***

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    I got Dipsy! You’re quite sarcastic. Very much like Dipsy, you’re super sassy. You like to use words instead of physical violence. Many times you’ve burned your opponent with your eloquence. You are a quite intelligent, mature individualist that goes out to observe others while getting drunk, of course. You try to avoid fighting. Which Teletubby Would You Be In A Bar Fight?

    I'm against it but have you noticed how you have to repost this in order to stop reposting these things.

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