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Love this! I feel like this will be more go-to quote to tell my future clients. It feels so true and natural to say to someone. It's perfect, and I think people would appreciate the truth in it. More

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"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. ~ Matthew 6:34" Inspirational Quote from the Bible ---- stop worrying, uphold everything to God.

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75+ New Must-Have Photos With Your Groom

This image is future play. This picture brings tears to my eyes, how beautiful and precious life is, how much I have to look forward too and enjoy in life. This goes with my explorer and storyteller personality because life is passed down through generations, love, history and the family name as well. Blood tells a story the more we pass it down through our generations, and exploring that is exciting to me. I cannot wait for the day I have a family.

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I'm a bounty hunter. I can track down my bounty so it comes in handy. My bounty is someone who can tell how dangerous someone is and they are proficient in all fighting styles and every weapon. How do i keep up with that.

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How to Find Your Soulmate

Wow amazing so if that is true and I believe it is then my life has a story to tell about when I found my soulmate...

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