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The Internet of Bees: Adding Sensors to Monitor Hive Health

Learn how to pull realtime sensor data from a beehive to monitor its weight, temperature, and humidity over the internet.

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5 Steps to Storing Potatoes for Winter

Do you grow your own potatoes or buy in bulk from a farmer market? Follow these 5 easy steps to storing potatoes in a basement, root cellar or other cool areas in your home or garage for winter to keep your potatoes fresh.:


Do you just LOVE cute little chicks and want to hatch your own, but aren't sure where to start? Check out this step-by-step guide for how to hatch chicks with an incubator.


Arduino IOT: Temperature and Humidity ( with ESP8266 WiFi)

Hello everyone! I am Michalis Vasilakis from and in this Instructables I will show you how to make your own Internet Of Things (IOT) thermometer by using the Arduino uno board.You can use it at home, at the office, or anywhere there is an internet connection, for indoor or outdoor data logging. Ιn this project we will use the DHT-22 sensor to take temperature (oC) and humidity (%) values every one hour. For the internet connection we will use the ESP8266 WiFi (serial) ...

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how to store garden vegetables for winter

Margaret Roach has been writing about gardening for many years. She has a 2.3-acre garden in Massachusetts and shares helpful info like this VEGETABLE-STORAGE chart from the University of Wisconsin on her blog. Very helpful!


84 Free DIY Greenhouse Plans to Help You Build One in Your Garden This Weekend - Having a greenhouse is very important if you have the time and space. When temperatures and humidity are kept stable you will be able to produce much better yields in your garden. If SHTF or you get hit with weeks of bad weather it will likely negatively affect your garden.


13 Cheap DIY Greenhouse Project Plans. Greenhouses produce a better yield as the temperatures and humidity are more stable. food actually LOVE greenhouses


Syma X5SW 4 Channel Remote Controlled Quadcopter with HD Camera for Real Time Video Transmission, 31 x 31 x 10.5cm, White

1/17/2016 Fruit Tree Orchards Huelva, Spain 37.714546°, -6.532834°   Fruit trees swirl on the hills of Huelva, Spain. The climate here is ideal for this growth with an average temperature of 17.8° C (64° F) and a relative humidity between 60% and 80%.


Modeled after the Wardian cases first built for growing ferns in the early 1800s, this terrarium creates a warm, humid environment that encourages plant growth, no matter what the temperature outside. The terrarium is crafted from wrought iron with a pointed arch and cutout trefoil motifs. The glass doors close to help seal in moisture. Really unique indoor piece. Found at Gump’s also at Smith&Hawken. I like it's tall enough for the moth orchid!